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Prosthetics in Sacramento, CA

A prosthetic is a dental restoration that substitutes for a missing tooth or covers up the tooth defects. Some prosthetics are fixed in your mouth permanently, while others are detachable.

At Blossom Dental Wellness in Sacramento, California, we offer a wide range of dental prosthetics to help rebuild your smile and make you feel content and confident. Dr. Novan Nguyen and his team have the necessary expertise to offer the perfect dental prosthetic. Our techniques and treatments are based solely on the patient's needs, dental history, and oral hygiene habits.

Kinds of Dental Prosthetics

There are different kinds of dental prosthetics, each restoring teeth in its way.

  • Dentures
  • Partial Dentures
  • Dental Implants
  • Crowns
  • Bridges

Benefits of Dental Prosthetics

Reduced Bone Loss

Loss of teeth leads to jawbone deterioration. Thankfully, dental prosthetics apply pressure to the jawbone almost like natural teeth do, keeping the jawbone from deteriorating. As a result, bone loss is reduced significantly.

Improved Aesthetics

A prosthetic appliance helps restore and even enhance a person's smile by providing appropriate solutions for their missing or damaged teeth. Also, dental prosthetics reduce the need for traditional dental care beyond regular checkups.

Better Support for Other Prosthetics

Because of the comprehensive treatment and detailed process, partial dentures are better supported than in previous versions of this prosthetic. And because of this, the patient does not have to suffer pain in the oral cavity, develop oral diseases, or suffer from the looseness in the gums that typically occurs.

Oral Rehabilitation and Maintenance

Prosthetic alternatives offer better oral care and restorative remedies for missing or damaged teeth. Because prosthetics are now fabricated using modern technologies such as 3D imaging, electron microscopy, and nanotechnology-based dental implants, it gives people the best results in very little time. Besides enhanced treatment, patients have a low maintenance solution for their oral issues, which other oral therapies fail to provide.

Better Quality of Life

Dental prosthetics enhances and maintains patients' overall oral health, which improves patients' quality of life. For instance, dental prosthetics create teeth similar to natural ones, making patients feel more comfortable and confident. They do not have to perform additional care besides regular brushing and flossing. For these reasons, despite the high costs, patients across the globe are opting to have dental prosthetics to restore their smiles.

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