Root canal (endodontics) Treatment in Sacramento, CA

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Root canal (endodontics) Treatment in Sacramento, CA

Root canal therapy is a treatment designed to save the function of a problematic tooth. Before the procedure was developed and gained recognition, the only alternative for treating a diseased tooth was extraction. Many patients who have undertaken a root canal experience little or no discomfort or pain and enjoy the benefits of a restored tooth.

Dr. Novan Nguyen, at Blossom Dental Wellness in Sacramento, California, routinely performs root canals for patients suffering from severe decay and damage to their tooth and helps salvage the impaired tooth.

What Is a Root Canal?

The root canal is present in the central cavity of a tooth that comprises the dental pulp. The pulp is chiefly responsible for providing sensation and nutrition to the tooth, making it an integral part. But if bacteria in the mouth infect the pulp by entering the root canal cavity, they cause a severe infection that puts the entire tooth in danger of being extracted.

What Are the Symptoms of Infection That Might Need Root Canal Therapy?

  • Severe pain and uneasiness near the infected tooth, especially while eating or brushing the teeth.
  • Bleeding and pus discharge from the gums of the infected tooth
  • Loosening of the tooth due to weakening of the underlying jawbone
  • The tooth may become sensitive and dull in color

What Are the Advantages of Root Canal?

There are several advantages of undergoing a root canal for someone with a badly damaged tooth:

  • It preserves the natural tooth structure
  • Your natural smile remains intact
  • It helps avoid extraction of a tooth
  • It eliminates pain caused by the infected tooth

How Is Root Canal Therapy Performed?

First, X-rays and scans of the mouth are taken to determine the extent of the infection, to help decide your fitness for the treatment. The teeth will then be cleaned meticulously and prepared for the procedure by placing a rubber dam to isolate the infected tooth.

With the help of precise dental tools, a minor access hole is drilled on the tooth, and dental files of different sizes are inserted into it to extract the infected pulp. Then the cavity walls are scrubbed clean, and the debris is removed using suction force. Antibiotic medication is placed in the cavity and sealed with a filling material. The tooth can be further strengthened with a restorative appliance such as a porcelain crown to protect it from further harm.

Treating a damaged tooth as soon as possible could help avert severe complications and tooth loss. Visit us at Blossom Dental Wellness in Sacramento, California, or call 916-422-3991 to schedule your appointment.


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