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We have started or completed root canal therapy on your tooth. The nerve was removed, and the inside of the tooth’s root canal system was smoothed and cleansed of infection. Finally, if the root canal was completed, we used a root canal filler and sealer to seal the tooth at the end of the root.

1. Symptoms – When your tooth was infected, some infection may have spread out of the root into the bone. Until this infection is healed, you should expect tenderness and discomfort. These symptoms may persist for up to 10 days, but usually are gone in 48-72 hours.

2. Pain – For mild to moderate pain, take the over-the-counter pain reliever of your choice. If you have been given a prescription, take the medication according to the written instructions thereon. DO NOT drink alcoholic beverages while taking the pain relief medication.

3. Infection – In many cases, to aid the healing process and reduce the infection in the bone, we may have prescribed an antibiotic. Please be sure to take these medications as directed. WOMEN OF CHILDBEARING AGE SHOULD KNOW OF POSSIBLE REDUCED EFFECTIVENESS OF ORAL STEROID CONTRACEPTIVES DURING ANTIBIOTIC THERAPY and are advised to use additional forms of birth control during short-term antibiotic use.

4. Swelling – If you have any swelling in the face or jaw area, please call the office immediately. This may indicate the localization of infection and require drainage. We may simply need to adjust or change your medication.

5. Restoring your tooth – Now that your tooth has had the nerve tissue removed, it is no longer a “live” tooth and it will tend to become brittle. We usually prepare the tooth for a crown along with root canal therapy to protect the tooth and provide the needed strength to chew. If you did not have the crown started today, you should plan to do so as soon as possible. The tooth may fracture or crack if left unprotected for any length of time.

6. Result – Following the crown restoration, this tooth, with the proper care and normal healing, should function as well as your natural tooth.

7. Take and finish ALL antibiotics!! Please call us at 916-422-3991 if you develop any allergic reaction, unexpected or unusual conditions, and if you have any questions.


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