Pediatric dentistry in Sacramento, CA

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Pediatric dentistry in Sacramento, CA

At Blossom Dental Wellness in Sacramento, California, we are committed to providing your child with the unique support they need to develop good oral hygiene practices early on and provide comprehensive care for all of their dental needs. Our staff members are comfortable working with children of all ages, and our priority is to keep your child’s mouth healthy and make sure that they are comfortable being at our office.

What Is Pediatric Dentistry?

The primary goal of pediatric dentistry is providing care for your child's teeth and ensuring their oral health is maintained. A little extra effort from a young age can go a long way in giving them good teeth when they grow up. Parents should also be educated about how to take care of their child's oral health, and pediatric dentistry can help you in this regard.

What Is Included in Pediatric Dentistry?

A Child's First Visit

The American Dental Association recommends parents take their children for their first dental consultation between the ages of six months to a year. This is the phase when the baby's teeth start to appear, and you should know how to take care of your baby's teeth. We could teach you about brushing their teeth, the foods they should avoid eating, and the necessary care to ensure proper oral health.

Brushing and Flossing

The foremost thing that your child should learn is that brushing and flossing every day keep germs away from the mouth and prevent cavities. When they are too young to brush independently, you should help them with it. Gradually, allow them to brush their teeth on their own. Flossing should also be practiced every day to remove the tartar deposits and food debris from and between the teeth.

Cavity Prevention

Brushing and flossing twice a day is one of the simplest things your child should do to prevent cavities. The bacteria in the mouth can accumulate on the teeth's surface over a while and form tartar. Tartar is the leading cause of cavities as it consists of harmful germs that corrode the enamel. When you bring your child for regular dental visits, we can provide fluoride treatments to make the teeth stronger and keep the cavities away.

Checking for Malocclusion

The malocclusion is mainly caused by incorrect oral habits like biting on objects, thumb-sucking, etc. The teeth's alignment plays a significant role in enhancing the appearance of one's smile. If your child has a malocclusion, we could perform a detailed diagnosis of the child's bite and suggest suitable treatments to treat it. Some of the solutions are metal braces, clear braces, and Invisalign.

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