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Invisalign® in Sacramento, CA

If you want straighter teeth and a more attractive smile, Dr. Novan Nguyen, who has years of experience with Invisalign in Sacramento, California, can help you realize it. Invisalign is one of the most scientifically advanced orthodontic aligners in the modern world. Our team at Blossom Dental Wellness can help correct crooked, crowded, rotated, or gapped teeth.

What Is Invisalign?

Invisalign aligners are dental appliances fabricated from transparent plastic material. The distinct feature of Invisalign is that it is virtually invisible as it is created from transparent material. When you wear them, they may not be noticeable even when you talk or smile. However, upon closer observation, it would be visible.

What Are the Advantages of Invisalign?

  • In terms of look, Invisalign is one of the best orthodontic aligners available. Almost all other alternatives are pretty obvious when patients have them on.
  • The clear aligners apply gentle pressure on the teeth in a controlled manner. This makes this orthodontic treatment comfortable and nearly painless.
  • Invisalign is free of metal.
  • The aligners do not consist of any sharp edges or brackets that could injure the mouth's soft tissues.
  • There will be no need to change your food habits, as is the case with metallic braces.
  • The visits to the dentist will be much fewer compared to the traditional braces.
  • Invisalign is removable. They won't interfere with your routine of eating and brushing teeth.

What Is the Process For Invisalign?

The technique for Invisalign is quite different from that of dental braces. First, Dr. Novan Nguyen will diagnose your condition and take molds of your teeth to have the aligners fabricated. Depending on the severity of misalignment, a customized treatment is planned with a specific number of aligners for each treatment stage. Once manufactured, we will give you the first set of aligners and instruct you on how to use them.

Invisalign must be worn for at least 22 hours each day for the teeth to shift to their correct orthodontic positions. You should remove the aligners only when you have to eat food or clean your teeth. Before putting them back on, remove the food particles from the teeth as they could impact the treatment procedure.

The aligners have to be worn in a sequence before moving on to the next set of aligners. Each set has to be worn continuously for two weeks. The new set will be slightly different from the previous one to allow for a change in the movement of the teeth. The treatment period could vary for different patients based on the severity of the misalignment.

To get started on your Invisalign, contact Blossom Dental Wellness in Sacramento, California, at 916-422-3991 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Novan Nguyen.


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